What Is Aşure?

What is Asure?

Just asking, what is asure? Why people make it? What does it mean? Firstly the Word means “ten” and its Hebrew. And this day is Muslim Calender’s tenth day. In this day, huge changes that direct humanity happened. For example Adam’s penitence is accepted, Moses’s people freed of Pharaoh, Prophet Jonah’s salvation from whale’s stomach.

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what is aşure

What is the history of Aşure?

Well, how this dessert which associated with these huge events appeared? Cooking aşure is a tradition that became even more important after Ottoman Empire. It is also known that it came from the time of Prophet Noah. Aşure dessert has a little story. Let us summarize the event that happened to Prophet Noah and his people;

Prophet Noah complains people who tortures him to Allah, because he was suppose to advice them. Thereupon Noah had been told to build a ship before big flood appears. He built a big ship. He get on board with people who believes him and couples of all animals. Then big flood appears. Days passed, food became unsufficient. So Noah gathers all ingredients to a big boiler and boils a soup. We call that soup as aşure today. 10th of this month was valued in Ottoman Empire times. People start this day with religios fasting and cook aşure all day. Cooked aşures shares with neighbours, relatives and poor people. Nowadays this tradition goes on, people cook aşure and share.



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