What Is Ayvalık Toast?


You would think that what special thing can make this toast different. Well, the most important answer is its bread. This special bread is made of Ayvalık’s famous Simit Ekmeği which made of chickpea yeast. It is a traditional food of Ayvalık. This delicious bread appears in 1983. A famous chief adds pekmez (grape molasses) which is Kozak’s famous food and created this toast bread. But this bread which made of chickpea yeast isn’t durable so it must be reserved in fridge. Because of its nondurable structure, chiefs should plan the time carefully.

Ok, the bread is made, now what? One of that time’s entrepreneur creates this toast as using this bread and puts some distinctive ingredients. Then this unique taste spreads to all Ayvalık then to Turkey and it started to known as “Ayvalık Tostu”.

Now Ayvalık Toast maybe still looks similar with the original but actually it is not. Because of it is not easy to make the chickpea yeast the owners of restaurants decide to use standard bread instead. Only looking is same. You might eat anywhere you want in Turkey but if you desire to taste the original one, stop by Ayvalık and taste it.

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