What Is Baklava?


Maybe you especially have known Turkey with its famous Baklava. Now we are going to inform you about its origin and history.

Baklava has its place in lots of world’s cuisines. But we can say that this famous dessert’s origin is Middle Asia. Exact date can’t be told but with the help of some evidences it is possible say it originated from Turks in Middle Asia. After years to Ottoman Empire era, Baklava completed its journey and got its final taste. In these years, a Greek chef called one of their traditional dessert as Baklava and claim that the Greece own this dessert. But another famous chef clarified this dilemma as saying that actually other chef was talking about another dessert that have no dough in it. So mistake was solved.

The city in Turkey that is famous for Baklava is Gaziantep. Baklava’s ingredient differs from region to region but in Gaziantep, mostly used nut is pistachio, in Black Sea region nut, in Central Anatolia walnut, in Aegean Region almond, in Edirne and Trakya (Thrace) sesame. So it differs to many different tastes. But the most common ingredient is absolutely pistachio, all country accepts this taste as major ingredient. The problem is that pistachio is expensive, second favored one is walnut.

In winter, eating Baklava with hot sherbet is popular but other seasons, if the weather conditions are warm enough to not to get cold, ice cream will be the best option.

The things that determines Baklava’s quality are having thinner dough, its sherbet has the ideal consistence and abundant filling ingredient. So we recommend you to taste them all (almond, walnut, pistachio, nut) when you go to a place to taste some dessert.

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