What Is Cağ Kebabı?


Cağ Kebabı is actually a domestic taste of Erzurum. And originated from the town of Oltu. Originally its meat should be made from kid or lamb meat because it is became famous with this taste. The meat should be seasoned a while before putting in skewers and roast on wood fire. This kebab got its name from the skewer’s name that is “cağ”. In spite of this food became famous with the city of Erzurum, it is so popular and preferred in restaurants all over the country. The other interesting fact is this dish called as “bico” in Oltu, Olur, Tortum and Yusufeli counties in Erzurum.

If we talk about the history of Cağ Kebabı, we can see that it’s origin is came from Kipczak Turks. This dish was serving to guests in feasts and wedding ceremonies 300 years ago. But this dish became a restaurant food as commercial purposes in 1930 by a low-income person in Erzurum. After first commercial attempt, serving Cağ Kebabı appeared as a popular dish for restaurants quickly. By the way, this dish has its own standard sizes which are 2 mm thickness, 3 mm wideness, 20 cm length and 80 gr weight. Except theses sizes, it won’t be qualified kebab. So if you try to make it at home, consider these to taste it perfectly.

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