What is Güllaç?


One of the best essential milky dessert of month Ramadan. It is easy to prepare but hard to give up eating. We said that it is easy to prepare but if you buy its dough, then it is easy. Otherwise it will take hours to make but it worth for sure.

Having pomegranate on it is the tradition from Ottomans. Ok now let us take a look at Güllaç’s interesting history;

In 15th century, Ottoman people were rolling dough thin and keep them for later. Sometimes some thin doughs (yufka) get dry. Housewives find a good idea, make these doughs wet with milk and sugar, and eat them as dessert. Day after day somebody put rose water on it and this dessert took its shape.

Ottoman palace first met with the Güllaç dessert in 1489. A chef from Kastamonu served doughs with milk and this dessert become popular. When the Sultan tasted this delicious dessert, he ordered him to be master dessert chef. Some of sources tells us that Suleyman the Magnificent make his chefs to treat people in his sons’ circumcision feast.

We already told that this dessert is mostly used in Ramadan. Because the blood sugar lowers in the day of fasting, people eat Güllaç to balance it. Not just that, it also strengthen immune system, calms the body down and reduces stress. So it is highly recommended to taste this great dessert.

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