What Is Karnıyarık?


Karnıyarık is one of the major dish of Turkish cuisine. It is major, so should be hard to make. There are no so many people who doesn’t like this dish -except people who don’t like to eat eggplant. It is one of the major dishes but still there is not much information about its history. And where it belongs. But according to information that we found, Karnıyarık started to make in the time of Seljuks. All kind of eggplants are made for an Emeer who likes eggplant very much. Palace’s head cook were always serving meat dishes with various vegetables and eggplants. One day he decided to put meat in eggplant and served to Emeer. So he liked it very much and this dish was starting to cook often. From palace to public, this dish did spread.

So which city has this taste? Again there is no certain data about that but it assumed Sivas which this Emeer from. So this dish is one of the most famous dish of great city Sivas. Of course we will be handling Sivas and other cities’ famous tastes later.

This dish are made in ovens in some regions, some fry eggplants and some boil them. But because of its some kind of a summer dish, this dish’s best friends are rice and cold cacık. These three musketeers will be your dream when you eat once!

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