What is Ladies Finger Dish?


Where did Ladies Finger Dish come from?

Ladies finger is one of the Turkish dish that has its place in deep of the cuisine. But the problem is, this taste is not suitable for everyone. More people don’t like this dish than like. Its benefits are uncountable but it is obvious that its not a loving taste.  In spite of we couldn’t find that much information about ladies finger dish, we want to talk about its history, features and benefits. These information may help people to love it.

Ladies finger (bamya) was one of the most loving vegetable in Ottoman kitchen. Maybe we don’t know how this spread in Anatolia but learned that it drew interest in the time that accepted to Ottoman cuisine. But this will your mind blow, there were some chiefs in palace, chief taster, chief meat and the most interesting part is chief gumbo (ladies finger). This given importance is so much as we can understand.

It was very important vegetable. In 1730, according to announcement in the kingdom, only ladies finger can be sold that left after palace’s needs. Because it became favorite food of sultans. Of course since than it doesn’t lose its importance. It became Konya’s (city) famous soup, ladies finger soup (bamya çorbası). But these vegetable unfortunately not grow in Konya it all, it grows in Aegean region mostly. No one know why it became famous in Konya.

Now its time to reveal some secrets, why Konya’s Bamya Çorbası is famous that much? Dry ladies fingers arrives, chiefs put them in saucepan and fry them on low heat before cook. So we don’t feel Bamya’s hairs when we chew. Ok, when you try to cook it, don’t forget this secret!

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