What Is Lahmacun?


Sometimes it is called as “Turkish Pizza” in other countries because it looks like some kind of a pizza. But taste is extremely different for sure. Maybe its name sounds Turkish but actually not. It is originated from Arabic which “lahm-ü macin”.

Because of its made without yeast and putting ground meat (kıyma) that mixed with various spices on the dough, it looks like pide (a kind of Turkish dish). The reason that it is not made of with yeast is that it don’t let the dough thicker.

Believe or not Lahmacun’s history is pretty old. We can give you a clue, Babylon, it means at leas 5000 years. It is hard to imagine its age but reached Turkey’s east sides after 1960’s. Then it spread to who country afterward and draw too much attention by all people. Maybe its original recipe is baking it in stone oven but it is hard to fulfil same circumstantes everywhere. Other method is baking it on sheet iron which is using especially in Kahramanmaraş city. If it baked in stone ovens, can be storaged for 2 days and this time won’t harm the food and lahmacun won’t get dry. But of course it won’t take this much time if it baked in standard ovens.

Normally its size isn’t less than 20-25 cm but in big cities and shopping malls, its made smaller and called nut lahmacun (fındık lahmacun). But we recommend you to try its original ones that you won’t regret.

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