What Is Sivas Köftesi (Meatball)?



We have reached an information which told us that there are almost 300 different types of köfte (meatball) in Turkey. Additionally, some of these meatballs are made of vegetables, fish, grains and pulses. Bu of course the most popular ones are made of meat in Turkey. Do not think that these information are unrelated, these all are meatballs anyway. And Sivas Köftesi is one of the best in them.

So, let’s talk about Sivas Köftesi’s history and what kind of things make it special. The most important data that we learned is these meats that are using in Sivas Meatball are from cattle which eat thyme in highlands. This meatball made of healthy cattle where grown in highlands. So eaten things by cattle are effect the taste of meat and so this meatball. When we heard this, we fall in love with this köfte once again.

Another thing that specifies Sivas Meatball is having nothing else but salt in the meat. No seasoning, vegetable or any additional things. While eating Sivas Köftesi, you can also taste the thyme in delicious meat. It is pure and extremely delicious. While eating, please consider them and feel the taste.

You can find lots of restaurants which serves Sivas Köftesi but that doesn’t mean they are all doing this meatball as original. Because real ones suppose to made of with cattle which feed with thyme and the meat should chopped one and next day chop again. That is the formula of this famous dish. So you might want to ask that how can I find this original Turkish dish? We have a nice answer for you. Sivas Köftesi is registered, so if you ask the restaurant that if they have registration document.

Now if you desire to taste this delicious Turkish dish, it is the time to meet it. If you have a chance, visit Sivas and eat the best ones. Bon apetit!



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