What is Zeytinyağlı Yaprak Sarması (Oliveoiled Leaf Roll)?



It is easy to say that this dish is one of the oldest in Turkish cuisine. Actually saying “oldest” is not exactly true because we have no idea about the exact history. But we can say that it is so famous in Turkish kitchen. If women decide to make home’s men happy, probably there is Zeytinyağlı Yaprak Sarması in dinner. There is this rumor, men can smell this dish from 2 km away. Do you think it is true?

Like we said, we have no information about its history. Yes, there are lots of rumors about this, but deciding true one is not that easy. So we thought that if we can’t find further information about this dish, then let’s talk about the special thing that makes this dish wonderful.

Ok, let us begin. the first reason of why this oliveoiled leaf rolls are great is having fresh ingredients. While wrapping them, simple logic is this; how much you leaves are fresh, that much your dish is delicious. And again while choosing leaves, you should choose mid size ones for the best view. By the way, we didn’t mention about what kind of leaves you should use for this great dish, grape.

In spite of making this dish is pretty hard, you will feel worth when you taste them. So before you change your mind to not to make this, consider this first. Enjoy it!



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